Let Our Mixologist Create Something Unique!

When you’re out to experience some of the best live music in Ann Arbor, nothing completes the experience quite like a fresh new drink you’ve never tried before! Our Mixologist Andrius concocts some of the most unique and delicious drink specials each and every week. If something more traditional is to your taste, we’ve got an expansive menu of libations. 

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Delicious Drinks Are Perfect with Live Music in Ann Arbor

When was the last time you had a traditional whisky sour? How often do you treat yourself to a French martini? Can you remember the last time you ordered something new and unique prepared by a mixologist? The Habitat at Weber’s Hotel and Restaurant offers the perfect combination of delicious drinks, specials, and live music in Ann Arbor

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Unwind After Work with Our Happy Hour Specials!

Fresh oysters in Ann Arbor for $8. Our delicious spinach bread for only $5. $1 off liquor, beer, and house wine! Every day of the week we have a different Happy Hour special for you to enjoy. A long day at work just got a whole lot better! 

Every evening we have a different band playing so there’s plenty of reason to get on the dance floor. From our long list of sharables to delicious single-plate options, we have something for everyone at a price you’ll love.

Looking for Fresh Delicious Oysters in Ann Arbor?

Weber’s The Habitat gives you the perfect combination of live music and delicious food. On top of delicious oysters and sea food, we have a full menu of sharable and single plate meals along with an extensive drink menu to choose from. Every evening we have a new band playing live on our stage so there's something fresh and exciting to experience every night of the week!

Take a look at our menu and see for yourself!

Need a night out in Ann Arbor?

The Habitat at Weber’s is well known as a place to kick back and enjoy a tasty drink and enjoy some live entertainment. Did you know it is also home to one of the best burgers in Ann Arbor? 
Our very own HighSpeed Inn Burger is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Herman Weber, but it’s also incredibly delicious! Two beef patties, onion rings, thousand island sauce, fresh-baked bun – top that off with the refreshing libation of your choice and you’ve got one of the best meals on our menu! 
If you’re game for something more traditional – may we suggest our delectable Cheeseburger? Picture a nice thick juicy beef patty with thick cut bacon covered in zesty white cheddar cheese topped with shallots and pepper aioli on a challah bun. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?
At The Habitat we have daily happy hour specials, drink specials, and every night there is live entertainment making us one of the best places you can go to enjoy a night out! 

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Ready for one of the best burgers in Ann Arbor?

Herman Weber opened The HighSpeed Inn over in 1937 and its legacy lives on with the HighSpeed Inn Burger – one of the most delicious burgers in Ann Arbor only at The Habitat! Picture this: Two cooked-to-perfection juicy beef patties topped with crisp onion rings and slathered in thousand island sauce held together in a fresh-baked bun. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?
It gets better! With our daily happy our specials, incredible drink menu, and nightly live music - you’re guaranteed to have a great night out at The Habitat! 
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3 Things to Know about The Habitat before Going Out Tonight

Looking for more out of your destination for a night out? Are you in the mood for live music tonight? Searching for night clubs in Ann Arborthat’s going to make you happy?
You’re finally taking a night out and you deserve it! If you’re interested in shaking things up a little bit, The Habitat at Weber’s might be just what you’re looking for. From great food to great music, The Habitat has what it takes to make you happy and help you get the most out of your night. 
1. Happy Ears: it should make your ears happy just to hear that The Habitat offers live music every night! But you’ll be even more satisfied when you come out and actually enjoy the live bands with a great variety including pop, rock, soul, and jazz. 
2. Happy Tummy: you won’t leave The Habitat hungry or thirsty. Our menu features plates prepared in the ever-popular Weber’s Restaurant kitchen and includes smaller bites, shareable orders, and a few entrees. And don’t miss out on our wine selection or classic cocktails.
3. H…