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Unwind After Work with Our Happy Hour Specials!

Fresh oysters in Ann Arbor for $8. Our delicious spinach bread for only $5. $1 off liquor, beer, and house wine! Every day of the week we have a different Happy Hour special for you to enjoy. A long day at work just got a whole lot better!  Every evening we have a different band playing so there’s plenty of reason to get on the dance floor. From our long list of sharables to delicious single-plate options, we have something for everyone at a price you’ll love. 

Looking for Fresh Delicious Oysters in Ann Arbor?

Weber’s The Habitat gives you the perfect combination of live music and delicious food. On top of delicious oysters and sea food, we have a full menu of sharable and single plate meals along with an extensive drink menu to choose from. Every evening we have a new band playing live on our stage so there's something fresh and exciting to experience every night of the week! Take a look at our menu and see for yourself!