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Event Jazz Presents: Rob Crozier Jazz Every Sunday Night!

Music and delicious food is the perfect combination for a great night out. At Weber’s Restaurant in Ann Arbor, we strive to provide our guests with one of the tastiest meals they’ve ever experienced in a relaxing atmosphere. With our delicious menu featuring favorites like our Maine Lobster and traditional Prime Rib, our live music makes the evening perfect.  Enjoy your meal and relax to the smooth sounds of Rob Crozier Jazz presented by Eventjazz! During the evening Sunday, you can enjoy live jazz music while you eat and enjoy your evening. At 8:30, when your meal is finished – you can visit The Habitat Bar at Weber’s and enjoy the second half of the set with the full trio finishing the perfect night of fine dining, dancing, and drinks!  Need the perfect music for an event or wedding reception? Eventjazz is a premier music entertainment booking service serving the greater Southeast Michigan area. If you need help finding the perfect jazz combo group for an office part

5 Questions You Must Ask When Eating Low-Carb at The Habitat

Need to make eating out on a low-carb diet simpler? Want a quick way to feel confident you can stick to a low carb diet when dining out for lunch in Ann Arbor ? Looking for tips to make low-carb a breeze when you’re at a restaurant?  Most of the world isn’t designed around your low-carb lifestyle. But that doesn’t have to hold you back, even when you’re eating out. You can make things easier on yourself by coming to a restaurant prepared with just a few questions to ask your server that will help you make almost any dining option low-carb.  1.  Can I substitute veggies? Don’t take a risk that your side could sabotage your low-carb diet and just go with veggies.  2.  Does it have sugar? Sugar, that old, familiar foe. It finds its way into almost everything. If you’re hoping to enjoy a sauce or dressing with your meal, ask if it has added sugar before you order.  3.  Does it have flour? A little bit of flour goes a long way to throwing your low-carb diet out of whac

5 Best Entrees for Your Low-Carb Diet at The Habitat

Never sure what to order when you’re out to lunch in Ann Arbor because of your low-carb diet? Does your low carb diet make you feel limited in lunch options? Want to make ordering lunch easier with your low-carb diet? A low-carb diet isn’t one of those things you can do sometimes. To get the results you want, you have to commit. That means finding ways to order low-carb when you’re dining out for lunch in Ann Arbor , too. But you don’t have to feel limited in your options because of your diet! There are many satisfying entrée options for you at Weber’s Restaurant that keep your low-carb goals intact.  1. New York Strip Steak: even if you can’t enjoy it the tradition meat and potatoes style, this is still a classic entrée that poses no risk to your low-carb ways.  2. Steamed Maine Lobster: be totally indulgent with up to 2 pounds of lobster while keeping your carbs low.  3. Foley’s Atlantic Salmon: snag a healthy low-carb meal with expertly prepared salmon.  4. C