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Let Our Mixologist Create Something Unique!

When you’re out to experience some of the best live music in Ann Arbor , nothing completes the experience quite like a fresh new drink you’ve never tried before! Our Mixologist Andrius concocts some of the most unique and delicious drink specials each and every week. If something more traditional is to your taste, we’ve got an expansive menu of libations.  Click Here to learn more about our weekly drink specials. 

Delicious Drinks Are Perfect with Live Music in Ann Arbor

When was the last time you had a traditional whisky sour? How often do you treat yourself to a French martini? Can you remember the last time you ordered something new and unique prepared by a mixologist? The Habitat at Weber’s Hotel and Restaurant offers the perfect combination of delicious drinks, specials, and live music in Ann Arbor .  Whether you’re coming in to relax after a long work day or need the perfect night cap, Click Here to learn more about The Habitat.