Hesitant to Try Oysters? "It's not as intimidating as you may think!"

Hesitant to try oysters?

oysters ann arbor‘If you’ve never tried them before, it’s not as intimidating as you may think,’ Weber said. ‘They really are delicious. You can put a little cocktail sauce and lemon on them and they’re refreshing, and they’re tasty, and they’re really nothing to be afraid of. I hope people give them a shot because they really are a delicious food.’” 

Oysters in Ann Arbor: Make Your Reservation!

Are you looking for great oysters in Ann Arbor? Weber’s reputation for fine dining began in 1937 without original restaurant. More than 75 years later, Weber’s continues to be Ann Arbor’s landmark restaurant, featuring the area’s finest prime rib, steaks and seafood.

In the Ann Arbor area? Give us a try! 


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