5 Best Entrees for Your Low-Carb Diet at The Habitat

Never sure what to order when you’re out to lunch in Ann Arbor because of your low-carb diet? Does your low carb diet make you feel limited in lunch options? Want to make ordering lunch easier with your low-carb diet?

A low-carb diet isn’t one of those things you can do sometimes. To get the results you want, you have to commit. That means finding ways to order low-carb when you’re dining out for lunch in Ann Arbor, too. But you don’t have to feel limited in your options because of your diet! There are many satisfying entrée options for you at Weber’s Restaurant that keep your low-carb goals intact. 
lunch Ann Arbor

1. New York Strip Steak: even if you can’t enjoy it the tradition meat and potatoes style, this is still a classic entrée that poses no risk to your low-carb ways. 

2. Steamed Maine Lobster: be totally indulgent with up to 2 pounds of lobster while keeping your carbs low. 

3. Foley’s Atlantic Salmon: snag a healthy low-carb meal with expertly prepared salmon. 

4. Cajun Trout: get a little spicy with some Cajun seasoning on this low-carb option. 

5. Lake Superior White Fish: the sauce for this fine feast includes a bit of white wine, but you should stay within your carb limits if you order the dish. 

To keep your whole meal low-carb, see if you can keep bread off the table (or at least away from you if you’ll be tempted), order your meal with the side of veggies, and stick to a house salad with a sugar-free dressing. 

Eat well while keeping it low-carb at The Habitat today!

With at least 5 options for tasty, no-effort, low-carb happiness at The Habitat at Weber’s, you can feel free to enjoy lunch out with friends anytime. Give us a call to make reservations or plan your special event today. 


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