5 Questions You Must Ask When Eating Low-Carb at The Habitat

Need to make eating out on a low-carb diet simpler? Want a quick way to feel confident you can stick to a low carb diet when dining out for lunch in Ann Arbor? Looking for tips to make low-carb a breeze when you’re at a restaurant? 

Most of the world isn’t designed around your low-carb lifestyle. But that doesn’t have to hold you back, even when you’re eating out. You can make things easier on yourself by coming to a restaurant prepared with just a few questions to ask your server that will help you make almost any dining option low-carb. 

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1. Can I substitute veggies? Don’t take a risk that your side could sabotage your low-carb diet and just go with veggies. 

2. Does it have sugar? Sugar, that old, familiar foe. It finds its way into almost everything. If you’re hoping to enjoy a sauce or dressing with your meal, ask if it has added sugar before you order. 

3. Does it have flour? A little bit of flour goes a long way to throwing your low-carb diet out of whack. Make sure to ask if any creamy soups or sauces have flour or thickeners before you order.

4. Can you hold the bread? If you’ll be tempted, ask to keep the bread basket off the table and buns, rolls, croutons, etc. off your plate.

5. Can I get that on the side? Anything that threatens to be an unwanted carbo bomb, ask for it on the side. That includes sauces, dressings, and fruit. 

Eating low-carb can be easy at The Habitat when you ask the right questions!

When you think about what you used to eat if you went out to lunch in Ann Arbor, navigating a menu on a low-carb diet may seem overwhelming or difficult. But when you ask the right questions, you’ll find that low-carb solutions are easy. Enjoy a meal out today and give us a call to make lunch reservations or plan a special event. 


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