3 Things to Know about The Habitat before Going Out Tonight

Looking for more out of your destination for a night out? Are you in the mood for live music tonight? Searching for night clubs in Ann Arbor that’s going to make you happy?

You’re finally taking a night out and you deserve it! If you’re interested in shaking things up a little bit, The Habitat at Weber’s might be just what you’re looking for. From great food to great music, The Habitat has what it takes to make you happy and help you get the most out of your night. 
night club Ann arbor

1. Happy Ears: it should make your ears happy just to hear that The Habitat offers live music every night! But you’ll be even more satisfied when you come out and actually enjoy the live bands with a great variety including pop, rock, soul, and jazz. 

2. Happy Tummy: you won’t leave The Habitat hungry or thirsty. Our menu features plates prepared in the ever-popular Weber’s Restaurant kitchen and includes smaller bites, shareable orders, and a few entrees. And don’t miss out on our wine selection or classic cocktails.

3. Happy Wallet: no cover charges, ever. That’s a great way to start your night off right! You can also enjoy endless happy hour specials Sundays and Mondays and great deals any other weeknight. 

Ready to head out to The Habitat yet? No matter what night you have free for yourself, we’re ready for you with live music, expertly prepared food, and no cover charges! Come see us tonight. If you want to make reservations or plan a special event, give us a call today. 


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