What Can You Expect from Live Music at The Habitat?

Not sure if The Habitat is the right night club in Ann Arbor for you? Looking for live music and aren’t sure what The Habitat has to offer? Having trouble finding the right spot to visit again and again on your nights out?

When it comes to nightlife, we have a lot of options, especially in a busy town like Ann Arbor. With all those options, sometimes it can seem like it’s too hard to choose. But you’ll feel more confident in your choice of late-night entertainment when you can really get to know a place first. That’s why we created this simple list of what to expect from The Habitat at Weber’s in Ann Arbor.

No Cover
night club ann arborYou’re coming to enjoy music, not empty your wallet before you even get through the door! The Habitat respects that and provides access to live music every night with no cover charge. 

The Habitat is no one-hit-wonder. The nightly rotations of live music span a variety of genres including jazz, pop, rock, soul, and more.

In case you missed it—yes, we said EVERY NIGHT! Whenever you’re in the mood for live music, The Habitat has you covered.

Food and Drink
Come for the music… and stay for the music; but enjoy plenty of other good stuff along the way. Our menu features tasty small plates, shareable orders, and entrees to keep you satisfied. There are also nightly specials and 16 varieties of wine on tap.

The Habitat is the perfect setting to enjoy your night out. From the dance floor, to the outdoor terrace, and your live entertainment, it’s the nightclub in Ann Arbor of your dreams. 

After digesting that list, we know you’re ready to plan your next evening out at The Habitat. If you want to make reservations or plan an event, give us a call today. We’re ready to entertain you with live music any night!


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